Events occurring after the balance sheet date

The difficult-to-predict market and price situation, which already existed at the end of the year and has been further exacerbated by the military escalation of the crisis in Ukraine, combined with the rapid rise in gas and energy prices, are increasing the counterparty risk for Repower. It could happen that gas and energy suppliers can no longer meet their obligations, meaning that Repower has to procure these commodities on the market at high prices. Even though Repower does not pursue business activities in Russia or Ukraine, the solvency of individual contractual partners could be impaired, which in turn could have consequences in terms of its asset, financial and earnings situation in 2022.

The financial statements were approved for publication by the board of directors on 30 March 2022. They are subject to the approval of the annual general meeting, which will take place on 18 May 2022.

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