Annual report

Repower Inside

Very good results from 2019 staff survey

The results of the 2019 survey of employee satisfaction and commitment were very positive, with Repower staff rating the organisation better in all areas compared with the 2017 poll. Repower is seen as an even better place to work than it was two years ago. There has also been a substantial increase in commitment to the business.

Praise for workplace safety measures

In autumn 2019 various business partners assessed workplace safety at Repower sites as part of our safety evaluation. Without exception, their feedback was very positive. They emphasised Repower’s safety policy, the way people prepare for work, the emergency set-up, the well-trained staff, and the organisation and order at construction sites. At Repower safety is thoroughly planned, appropriately trained and implemented, and periodically controlled. Repower also markets its health and safety know-how to other energy utilities. Besides advice and training it provides support with introducing and running health and safety and environmental management systems.

Repower one of Switzerland’s certified providers of apprenticeships

In 2019 Repower again received the Great Start award for Swiss businesses offering apprenticeships. In a survey of all Repower apprentices, 96 per cent said that the company was the optimum place to train for a trade and start out on a career. Besides taking account of the opinions of apprentices, the award also evaluated the company’s strategy, particularly in terms of training.

Two of these satisfied apprentices, who are also involved in competitive sports, describe their routine and how they balance intensive training with their work for Repower.

Repower Switzerland cushions impact of lower pension fund conversion rates

Steadily growing life expectancy and declining returns on assets are also forcing the pension fund for Repower employees to adjust its conversion rates. While this results in greater parity between the generations, it does lead to lower pensions for future retirees. To cushion the effects of this reduction at least in part, Repower’s management and board of directors have decided on compensatory measures, with employees aged over 50 benefiting from a one-off payment into the pension fund.

Repower under new leadership

After 11 years at the head of the company, Kurt Bobst decided to leave Repower in September 2019. As CEO of Repower since 2008, Bobst had successfully navigated the business through the energy market crisis and played a crucial role in repositioning the company as a provider of energy services. Roland Leuenberger, a member of the board of directors of Repower, has headed the company as interim CEO since September 2019. At the beginning of April 2020 he was appointed CEO by the board of directors.

Felix Vontobel appointed member of Swiss Federal Electricity Commission (ElCom)

On 27 November 2019, the Swiss Federal Council appointed Felix Vontobel as a new member of ElCom, starting 1 July 2020. This means that Vontobel will leave Repower in June 2020. He joined the former Kraftwerke Brusio AG in 1987, playing a major role in the development of the business over the last 32 years. From 1992 to 2017 he sat on the executive board, and from 2001 to 2017 also served as the deputy CEO of Repower.