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Solar power for far-sighted businesses


Thanks to a stake in Erreci, Repower Italia can now also offer its customers industrial and commercial photovoltaic solutions meeting the highest quality standards.

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Many SME customers want to become more independent by setting up their own solar power installation.

The target customers for energy sales in Italy are primarily SMEs that are interested in high-quality consulting services. Repower Italia offers diversified value-added services specifically designed to promote the sale of electricity and gas. This range of energy services was expanded in 2022 with the acquisition of an interest in Erreci.

The journey begins at the start of the year with a nationwide tour by our sales consultants. The aim of the campaign is to present solar power as a new and important addition to our portfolio of services for small and medium-sized enterprises. The main purpose of these talks is to get to know our colleagues at Erreci and benefit from their expertise and passion for high-quality business solutions.

The commercial solar power business is very different from electricity and gas sales and Repower’s other products and services. That’s why this initial exchange between our sales consultants and the experts at Erreci is not the end of the story. Given that continuing education is a basic prerequisite to continue to play a leading role in an increasingly fast-paced world, Repower has decided to offer in-depth training to all sales consultants who want to become involved in the solar power sector.

“We ended 2023 with enthusiasm and optimism,” says Pierpaolo Leonida Mezzanotte, Head of Business Integration Partners. “These days our SME customers see setting up a photovoltaic system as one of the keys to achieving their business goals. They want a photovoltaic system so that they can become more independent and less susceptible to energy price fluctuations. Together with Erreci, Repower helps companies achieve this goal, consolidating its role as a leading provider of energy services.”

Pierpaolo Mezzanotte

Head of Business Integration Partners