3 Changes in consolidations

On 16 May 2022, Repower Italia S.p.A. acquired interests of 27.77 per cent and 29.52 per cent respectively in the Erreci S.r.l. and Erreci Impianti S.r.l.. These two companies are predominantly involved in developing solar installations, from procuring the requisite materials and services to building the installation itself, and in reselling energy. In addition to a cash component of CHF 5,337 thousand, the purchase price consists of deferred purchase price components in the amount of CHF 1,646 thousand disclosed under other current and non-current liabilities. Repower recognises the two acquired companies as associates according to the share of equity in the Market Italy segment. Goodwill of CHF 5,153 thousand arising from the transaction is a component of the investment. The purchase price allocation is provisional.


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