7) Assets and liabilities held for sale

In June 2015 Connecta AG and associated fully-consolidated assets and liabilities with a total carrying value of THCF 3,341 were classified as held for sale in the Market Switzerland segment. Connecta AG operates communications networks in Canton Graub√ľnden.

Assets and liabilities totalling TCHF 51,682 held for sale with respect to Swissgrid, and the net assets of the sales business in Germany, totalling TCHF2,082, are recognised in the Market Switzerland segment. Accrued translation gains for activities in Germany come to TCHF 21. The disposals of these two disposal groups in July 2015 are explained in the section on events occurring after the balance sheet date.

The net assets of the SEI disposal group come to TCHF -7,668, and are recognised in the Market Italy segment. Translation gains for SEI S.p.A., which are contained in Repower Group's equity, amount to TCHF 3,079 for the Repower Group and TCHF 2,001 for the minority interests.

Neither impairment losses nor impairment gains were recognised in the first half of 2015.

Assets and liabilities held for sale break down as follows:

  30.06.2015 31.12.2014
Tangible assets 3,322 -
Intangible assets 106 -
Other financial assets 51,682 51,682
Deferred tax assets 79 -
Inventories 53 -
Receivables 8,393 6,341
Accrued income and prepaid expenses 7 4
Cash and cash equivalents 1,913 3,667
Assets held for sale 65,555 61,694
Pension provisions 402 -
Other non-current provisions 55 63
Deferred tax liabilities 136 -
Current financial liabilities 7,018 8,067
Other current liabilities 7,395 3,397
Deferred income and accrued expenses 1,112 1,126
Liabilities held for sale 16,118 12,653