3) Changes in consolidations

Business disposals

The complete disposal of interests in Repower GuD Leverkusen GmbH und Co. KG and the associated disposal of its subsidiary Repower GuD Leverkusen Verwaltungs-GmbH on 23 June 2015 had the following influence on the assets and debts of the Repower Group in the first half of 2015:

Receivables 35
Cash and cash equivalents 904
Other current liabilities -37
Accumulated translation differences -2,253
Profit 3,105
Selling price 1,754
Cash consideration received 1,754
Outflow of cash and cash equivalents -904
Net cash inflow related to the disposal 850

The pre-tax gain on the disposal of the two group companies is recognised under other operating income in the Market Switzerland segment.

Intragroup restructuring

In the first half of 2015 the legal structure of Repower in Switzerland was modified retroactively with effect 1 January 2015. Repower Schweiz AG, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Repower AG, was merged into Repower AG.