8 Earnings per share

8 Earnings per share
    2011 2012
  Total shares issued at a par value of 1 CHF 2,783,115 units 2,783,115 units
  Total participation certificates issued at a par value of 1 CHF 625,000 units 625,000 units
  Less treasury shares (annual average) -12,156 units -12,156 units
  Less treasury participation certificates (annual average) -4,107 units -4,107 units
  Average number of shares in circulation 3,391,852 units 3,391,852 units
  Share of Group profit attributable to Repower shareholders and participants TCHF 54,116 TCHF 30,341
  Earnings per share (undiluted) CHF 15.95 CHF 8.95
  There are no factors resulting in a dilution of earnings per share.    
  Dividend TCHF 17,041 TCHF 8,520*)
  Dividend per share CHF 5.00 CHF 2.50*)

*)2012 dividend subject to approval by the Annual General Meeting

A repayment from capital reserves of CHF 2.50 per share is proposed, which corresponds to a total amount of TCHF 8,520. This total amount will be reduced further since no repayment is made on the treasury shares.